Embrace The “BAD” Days

It’s Monday and you overslept. As you rush out of bed you stub your toe and you scream and think to yourself “what else is going to go wrong today”. Without even realizing it, you’ve already set the negative tone for the day.

You finally make it to school and you are already feeling anxious for being late. You rush to class, then you realize rushing out the door you forgot your essay that was sitting next to your binder and its worth 40% of your grade. Now what?

You start to break down inside, the overwhelming feeling of self disappointment and fear sets it. The teacher asks everyone to hand in their essay. You tell the teacher what happened in the morning and he says “well, who’s fault is it? You’ll have to take a zero”. You plead with him to bring it in the next day for partial credit and he tells you “NO”. What’s going through your mind?

Our first defense is to blame the events that led us to fail. You blame your parents for not waking you up sooner, you blame the stupid alarm for not going off, you even blame the bed for being in the way and stubbing your toe. If only your mom woke you up sooner you wouldn’t have rushed out of bed and stubbed your toe, you wouldn’t have been rushing and forgot your essay. Right?

Sure you overslept and are running late. Sure it hurt like hell when you stubbed your toe. Sure you forgot your essay. However, that happened in the first 60 minutes of your day. You’ve got about 840 more minutes to your day left. Are you going to waste them on feeling like you failed?

So you woke up late. Don’t look at the negative,  embrace the fact that your body and mind needed the extra rest. You stubbed your toe but it didn’t break. Be thankful. You left your essay at home because you didn’t put it in your bag when you finished it. There is a lesson in that. When your finished with your work put it in your bag or binder. So the day isn’t ruined you actually learned something.

As hard as it might be, one thing I learned is, when we take responsibility for the events that happen in our life we are able to move forward without feeling negative.

Embrace the bad days and learn from them. Each day is a new day and you never know if tomorrow is coming. Take time to reflect on the daily events, find a good in the day and focus on that.

After all